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Explore a fascinating new world, hidden beneath the earth. Caving is an opportunity to discover a whole new world below the surface!

There are a number of opportunities for Caving activities to take place supported by our very own Scouts SA Caving Team.

How to make it happen

All scouting activities are subject to Scouting policies and procedures. Adult Leaders are responsible for ensuring the safety of Scouts and the compliance of activities and undertakings with Scouting policies and procedures.

Caving info and activity nights

The Scout Caving Group can provide information and interactive activities for a fun caving theme unit night.

Why not test your nocturnal vision through some cardboard box caving in your hall, and squeeze through the purpose built squeezebox

Suitable for: All sections Joeys – Rovers

Further Info:

Murray River Caves
The Murray River region has access two caves that can be explored in one day, and an easy drive from the Roonka Water Activities Centre.

Look for opportunities and details in the activity programs in the Minisplash, Supersplash and Rivermoot district and branch events, otherwise Activity Patrols are welcome to a approach the Scout Caving Group to enquire about Activity Leader availability for and adventurous day trip.

Suitable for: Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.

Further Info:

Scout Caving Group

The Scout Caving Group commenced in 1982 with a group of Scout Leaders who were concerned for the welfare and safety of members of the Scout Association undertaking activities in caving. The main purpose of SCG is to promote and conduct adventurous activities in an underground environment and to provide training for Scout Caving Leaders.

Scout Caving Group is open to all members of the Scout Association. Caving Leaders must be over 18 and have appropriate Scout Leadership training. Venturers can also be of assistance to the SCG and gain caving experience, which can eventually go towards becoming a Caving Leader.

Contact Branch Commissioner (Caving)
Matt Smith

Training and Skill Development

Please refer to the Adventurous Activities Training page for further details in relation to training pathways and the National Adventurous Activities Framework

The Scout Caving Group team provide training aligned with the National Adventurous Activities Framework and in accordance with the Australian Speleological Federation (ASF) National Cave Leaders accreditation system.  Skills are developed through ‘Learn by Doing’ by attending various Caving trips and various leader skills development trips.

Caving proficiencies can be recognised and awarded the relevant VET modules through Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT).  Get in contact with the Scout Caving Group to find out more.

Suitable for: Adult Leaders, Rovers and Venturers


Caving References

Need a hand getting Caving happening?

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