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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How does the Sports Voucher Work

The Sports Vouchers program is an SA Government initiative that assists families in meeting the costs of their children’s sports and recreation activities. When used with Scouts, the voucher aims to make Scouting more accessible and affordable for everyone by contributing $100 to the Branch membership fee.

All children living in South Australia in Reception to Year 9 are eligible for a Sports Voucher each calendar year. Please note, that once a Sports Voucher has been redeemed, the voucher value cannot be reimbursed as cash nor can it be transferred to another child. The voucher cannot be refunded back.

How long will it take to know if my application for a Sports Voucher has been approved?

This is dependent on a range of factors – generally, there is a 14 business day turnaround, but this will depend on when Scouts SA submit the batch of claims – generally allow at least 21 days.

Can an account be put in credit for the following years fee if a Sports Voucher is approved but the fee has already been paid?

A Sports Voucher can only be remitted in the relevant calendar year.

Can the $100 only be used for membership fees?

Yes, the Voucher is only redeemable against the Scouts SA Membership Fee.

What happens when I have a problem?

Reach out to our Member Services team at or 08 7134 1200

I can't get anyone on the phone how do I get in contact with someone?
I don't believe I got the right money, what do I do?

You won’t receive any money directly as part of this process. Instead your fees payable via your Scout Group will be reduced by $100 if your Sports Voucher is approved.

How to make a complaint?

If you have any concerns with the process please email


Can the $100 discount be applied if I have already been invoiced by the Group but not yet paid the fee?

Yes, you can apply for the Sports Voucher at any time throughout the year (ideally earlier in the year). Once you apply your Group will receive a notification and be able to adjust your fee invoice before you make payment.

Can a parent claim direct to Sports Vouchers?

Parents cannot go to the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing and apply for the Sports Voucher – see the link below from their website.

Can I get a refund if I leave before my discount is added to my account?

Once your Sports Voucher is applied for and remitted there is no refund available. In limited circumstances the voucher may be returned to Sports Vouchers if the discount has not been applied to the Branch membership fee, speak to Scouts SA Head Office for more information.

How will I know if the Group has passed the $100 discount on to me?

At the time of becoming a member of Scouts (or renewing your membership), your discount should be applied.
Please check with your Scout Group if you are unsure.

Will the $100 discount be applied to my account straight away or does it wait until my fee/invoice is due?

Once your Sports Voucher application has been approved the $100 voucher will be noted against your record and the reduced fee will be applied once your Branch membership fee becomes due.

 At the same time, your Group will be notified that your application has been approved and adjust their invoicing, passing on the savings when your Branch membership fee is due.

How are we notified as a parent if our Sports Voucher application has been successful or not?

When Sports Vouchers have verified the application, Scouts SA will notify you of the outcome.

What happens if I have just signed up as a member and doing my trial of 3 free sessions

No fees are payable until you have completed your come-and-try sessions and officially joined Scouts SA. At this point, you will be able to apply for the Sports Voucher through the online form.

Group Leader

As the Group can I have an individual invoice to issue to a parent?

The Sports Voucher can only be used to offset the Scouts SA Branch membership fee. This means we can’t issue the group with an individual invoice for the parent.

How will I be able to tell on my Group invoice if a Sports Voucher is used? Will it be clearly marked?

A $100 fee reduction for an approved Sports Voucher application will be listed on the Group’s monthly statement.

If a fee has been paid and a parent wants to use their voucher - can they use it and then how do, we as a Group apply it if the years fee has been paid?

If a fee has been paid, there will need to be an adjustment/refund made to the family once their Sports Voucher has been remitted.

As a Group how long does the approval process take?

Generally, around 14 days – Scouts SA will generally batch claims every 14 business days. You will receive a communication once they have been accepted. 

How will the Group be notified if a Sports Voucher application has been approved or not?

When Head Office receive the funds from Sports Vouchers and process them the Group Leader and Treasurer will be sent an email

Do we as a Group get the $100 or does Head Office keep it?

The $100 Sports Voucher rebate is an incentive for families to use – neither the Group or the Head Office retain the $100. The Sports Voucher can be used to offset $100 of the Scouts SA Branch membership fee for the family. 

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