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Aquatics – Swimming and Surfing

From introductory aquatics through to lifesaving and surfing, swimming is a great activity for all ages and builds the skills required for that great Australian Summer.

How to make it happen

All scouting activities are subject to Scouting policies and procedures. Adult Leaders are responsible for ensuring the safety of Scouts and the compliance of activities and undertakings with Scouting policies and procedures.

Take a Trip to a Public Pool

Taking a casual trip to a local public pool is a pretty easy and safe way to get into the water? Some pools will let you reserve a lane, and use various pool toys and equipment – so just ask.

Suitable for: All youth members

Hire a Private Pool

Private pools can be hired and some give you the opportunity for exclusive access

Private pool locations:

Help me out! if you know of suitable facilities to support aquatics, hit the form at the bottom of this page, or email

Gawler, Barossa and Adelaide Plains

Suitable for: All youth members

Swim Between the Flags

South Australia’s coastline has many great swimming beaches including Adelaide metro area, and regional locations.

Surf Life Saving’s Beachsafe website is a great resource to find popular, safe and patrolled swimming beaches. It has a heaps of info to let you decide what location will suit you best

Further Info:

Suitable for: All youth members

Moonta Bay Ocean Pool

Moonta Bay’s Ocean Pool has some exciting swim challenges to battle a bit of salt water surf to get to the pontoons.? You will need your own lifeguards but it’s surrounded by a cage to add to the safety.

Swimming Moonta Bay

Hot Tip: Get in touch with Moonta Scouts to see if you can crash in their hall

Even Hotter Tip: Copper Coast Splashtown is right next door!, its free, and runs across the Summer months

Suitable for: All youth members

Port Wakefield's Tidal Pool

Port Wakefield’s tidal pool offers the safest and most suitable swimming beach on St Vincent Gulf north of Adelaide. An arm of the Wakefield River has been dammed creating a 200 m long 50 m wide tidal pool and beach. The eastern side of the beach is bordered by a shady picnic area and playground, a car park and the caravan park, with a footbridge across to the western side which has some shade shelters.

Swimming Port Wakefield

Further Info: Port Wakefield Caravan Park

Suitable for: All youth members

District Swimming Carnivals

Some districts hold annual swimming carnivals where you can test your skills against other scouts. Why not form a project patrol, put in a bit of training, and see if you can triumphantly return home with some silverware. Project Patrols from outside the District are more than welcome!

Hills District Swimming Carnival

Details for the 2021 Hills District Swimming Carnival are yet to be confirmed

Suitable for: All youth members

Dates: tbc

Location: TBC


Aquatics Swimming Carnival

Ridley District Swimming Carnival

Information about this event will be published when it comes to hand.

Scouts SA Aquatics Team

The Scouts SA Outdoor Adventure portfolio is searching for interested people to join an Aquatics team. If you are familiar with aquatic activities or swim instruction, please email ACC Outdoor Adventure on

For further enquiries about swimming, basic aquatics or lifesaving


Training and Skill Development

Basic aquatic training can be done through the SA Government VacSwim program

Advanced training suitable for youth members pursuing OAS Lifesaving stages 4-6, or adults supporting aquatic activities is delivered primarily through:

Scouts SA do not regularly facilitate training courses, however the OAS team is happy to coordinate participation on request.


Basic Water Rescue

This course describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to perform basic water rescues in small – medium indoor or outdoor aquatic centres.


  • Identify and evaluate aquatic emergencies.
  • Apply basic water rescue principles.
  • Communicate incident details.

VET Learning Outcomes:

  • SISCAQU002 Perform Basic Water Rescues
  • HLTAID001 Provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Cost: $70

Further Info:


Bronze Medallion

The Lifesaving Pool Award aims to teach emergency rescue techniques, swimming and survival skills, basic spinal management techniques and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The award is the minimum qualification to provide supervision at a low patronage pool, or develop a pathway to a Pool Life Guard Certificate


  • Understand the legal framework around aquatic venues
  • Apply and perform basic water rescues
  • Identify potential hazardous situations
  • Identify and evaluate minor aquatic emergencies
  • Assess possible emergency or rescue situations
  • Respond to an emergency
  • Organise further emergency care as required
  • Record and report an incident
  • Apply and perform CPR

Required Practical Demonstration

  • Non swimming and swimming rescues using various equipment
  • Throwing unweighted rope to person in difficulty 10m from safety within 30 secs
  • Swimmming to and tow an unconscious breathing casualty 50 metres within 3mins and 15 secs
  • Swimming 400 metres, using 4 different strokes, within 13 minutes
  • Survival swimming dressed in trousers and long sleeved shirt.
  • A search and rescue in 2 metres of water
  • Management of Spinal Cord Injury in shallow water.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

VET Learning Outcomes:

  • SISCAQU002 Perform Basic Water Rescues
  • HLTAID001 Provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Course Duration: 8 Hours

Cost: $100

Further Info:


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