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Promise and Law

The Australian Scout Promise & Law are the main ways we choose to express our values, and the main tools we use to explore the fundamentals of Scouting with youth members. In this way, we see the Promise & Law’s role as an element of the Scout Method.

All members agree to live their lives guided by the values expressed through the Promise & Law.

Both these statements have historical and global significance for Scouting. Each National Scout Organisation has its own variation of a Promise and Law, inspired by the originals created by B-P.

Youth Members experience one Program, with adventures and challenges that expand as they move through 5 youth sections.

Promise and Law Resources

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Promise and Law Information

Australian Scout Promise

The Scout Law

The Scout Law guides Scouts to explore, in real terms, the sorts of behaviours and actions a?Scout should live by. It helps explain what we do in order to live up to our Promise.

Be Respectful

  • Be friendly and considerate
  • Care for others and the environment

Do what is right

  • Be trustworthy, honest and fair
  • Use resoruces wisely

Believe in myself

  • Learn from my experience
  • Face challenges with courage