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Property Strategy and Working Group

Earlier this year, Scouts SA formed a Property Working Group in order to provide clear strategic advice to the Branch Executive Committee and address three key issues:

  1. Maintenance and replacement of our aging Scout Halls
  2. Ensuring we have suitable facilities in areas of key growth
  3. Meeting the increasing financial commitments to redress payments for Survivors of historic abuse

As part of that strategy a number of Scout owned properties that did not have current Scout occupancy have been sold.

While the majority of the proceeds have been allocated to funding payments to our Survivors, the Working Group recognise that existing Scout Halls being used at present still require Branch financial assistance from time to time for maintenance, improvements, and WHS obligations. 


Therefore, it made a specific determination that 10% of funds raised from all property sales must be held by Branch for the explicit use of currently utilised Scouts SA properties to ensure that our existing members received benefit from the sales.


In addition to this support, the working Group has identified key areas of growth for Scouting and is assisting with the provision of suitable facilities.


To further understand the purpose of the Working Group and the wider objectives of our property management strategy, please see the infographic in this link.


If you have any comments or feedback on the Scouts SA Property Strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chief Commissioner directly via



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