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Scouts SA Commercial Activity Providers

This page contains the most up to date register for approved commercial activity providers.


Adelaide Sailing Club


Scouts SA have partnered with Adelaide Sailing Club to bring you West Beach Sailing Days.

Adelaide Sailing Club (ASC) is offering discounted full and half day programs for 6 – 15 year olds to come learn how to sail.

$100 per person for a Full Day (6 hours)
$60 per person for a Half Day (3 hours)

Adelaide Sailing Club invites you to experience an Australian Sailing standardized Learn to Sail program administered by world class instructors at one of Australia’s premier sailing clubs.

Complete this form to request a booking on behalf of your group.

Contact Details
Phone: +61 (8) 8490 3923
Address: 9 Barcoo Rd, West Beach SA 5024

Please remember to complete all necessary forms to conduct an activity with youth from your group.

Click here to download Adelaide Sailing Club’s Risk Assessment Matrix.

Cruising Yacht Club


Scouts SA have partnered with Cruising Yacht Club SA to provide tailored sailing programs for 15 – 18 year olds.

Cruising Yacht Club is offering flexible programs designed to suit members needs. All programs are devised to make the most of the time on the water for all participants and designed to ensure maximum fun.

$100 per person for a full day
$60 per person for a half day

Activities available include Sailing, Snorkelling and Stand Up Paddling. Leaders, parents and guardians are encouraged to spend the day watching the activities, dining in the restaurant, or making use of the clubs beautiful facilities.

Complete this form to request a booking on behalf of your group.

Contact Details
Phone: +61 8 8248 4222
Address: Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, Lady Gowrie Dr, North Haven SA 5018.

Contact Greg Allison on (08) 8248 4222 or for details about the program.

Click here to download Cruising Yacht Club’s Risk Assessment Matrix.

Air Activities

Adelaide Soaring Club


Scouts SA have partnered with Adelaide Soaring Club to provide Scouts SA members with discounted flying experiences.

Scouts SA and Adelaide Soaring Club have partnered to offer Scouts members a heavily discounted price on Air Experience Flights. Take flight with a fully qualified instructor in the Dimona Touring Motor Glider.

Price: $150 per person ($120 for 30 minute flight + $30 for
Gliding Federation of Australia Introductory Membership – valid for 30 days)
Location: Gawler Aerodrome, 1 Ward Belt Rd, Ward Belt SA 5118
Flight Time: 20 – 30 minutes flight time (weather dependant)
Note: To avoid extended waiting times smaller groups are preferred as only one participant can fly at a time. E.g. for three flights allow two hours. Max group size for a day is 12.
Age Restriction: 10+
Note: A leader/parent/guardian is responsible for assessing the maturity of the youth member to ensure they will be comfortable during the flying experience.

Complete this form to request a booking on behalf of your group.

If you’d like to get in touch with Adelaide Soaring Club their contact details are below
Phone: (08) 8522 1877
Address: Adelaide Soaring Club, Gawler Aerodrome, 1 Ward Belt Road, WARD BELT SA 5118

Click here to download Adelaide Soaring Club’s Risk Assessment Matrix

Other Activities

Barossa Fun Factory

Scouts SA have partnered with Barossa Fun Factory to bring you a selection of entertaining activities for your group, suitable for 5-18 year olds.

Barossa Fun Factory is offering mobile mystery style activities at your hall or preferred location within South Australia. The activities are designed to promote team work, problem solving, critical thinking, observation, leadership, social connection and FUN!

The Barossa Fun Factory are offering discounted 1-2 hour sessions:

$25 per person (minimum of 15 people)
+ additional travel costs may apply within South Australia

Your group will be divided into teams of 3-5 people. Each team will be provided with a Detective Kit including a series of challenges, clues and evidence to review and complete throughout the activity. Themed props are included to increase engagement and create an immersive experience for youth. The ‘crimes’ are non-violent and fictitious, including The Motorway Mystery: Detective Where’s My Car?, The Mysterious Case of the Missing Magician, as well as Easter, Christmas and Halloween themed mysteries. There are multiple outcomes for each mystery ensuring that teams cannot spoil the outcome for other teams.

Contact Details:
Phone: 0456 750 344
Facebook: Barossa Fun Factory
Postal address: PO Box 1001, Lyndoch SA 5351

Contact Deb Herring on 0456 750 344 or to discuss fun activities for your group!