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Commonwealth Bank and Scouts

Scouts SA has partnered with Commonwealth Bank for a special offer for Scout Groups.

This offering provides Scout Groups with a Society Cheque account (fee free) and online CommBiz Service, with a Business Online Saver (high interest at call account) and Term Deposit investments are also available.

More information can be obtained through the resource documents on this page and by contacting the Scouts SA Commbank Administrator via 

Setting your Group up with CBA will provide a suitable banking solution for your Scout Group needs under the umbrella of Scouts SA. This will assist in streamlining administrative functions such as change of signatories and management of accounts.

How do I get started / find out more

Once your Group confirms they wish to setup accounts the following basic process applies

1. Group sent Account information form to fill out and return to Scouts SA.

2. Scouts SA will check Signatory details check with Commonwealth Bank

3. Any signatories without a profile asked to go to a Branch to setup

4. Paperwork issued for account setup by Scouts SA

5. Tokens and other setup information sent to Scouts SA for the Group

6. Account setup complete!