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Scouts SA Support Team

Scouts SA Head Office staff support Scouting in a range of ways.

Meet the team and understand how they can assist you by reading below, each of our team members has listed thier top 3 priorities.


Senior Leadership Team

James Sellers
Chief Executive Officer

What I do:

  1. Drive business growth and strategy
  2. Manage Senior Leadership Team to achieve strategic goals
  3. Support new business initiatives and growth opportunities

Carrie Williamson
Chief Financial Officer

What I do:

  1. Lead the finance team and deliver all financial reporting and compliance
  2. Support new business initiatives and growth opportunities
  3. Manage cash flow and financing requirements

Ben Dawson
Head of Commercial

What I do: 

  1. Assist and support our commercial businesses build their potential
  2. Drive an innovative team to grow and excel
  3. Create new products to boost profitability and relevance for Scouts SA Commercial

Annabel Shinkfeld
Head of Operations

What I do: 

  1. Marketing, Communications, Fundraising
  2. Risk, Governance, Insurances
  3. Information and Communication Technologies
  4. Human Resources, Work Health and Safety

Leticia Bannister
Head of Member Services

What I do? 

  1. Lead the strategy for Member Services
  2. Assist with queries relating to membership
  3. Facilitating conflict resolution

Steve Hastwell
Head of Development

What I do:

  1.  Lead projects across all areas of Scouts SA
  2.   Assist in seeking opportunities to grow our Commercial Business
  3.  Work with survivors of historic sexual abuse

Kelly Feijen
People, Culture and Capability Manager

What I do:

  1. Provides human resources advice and support to our staff
  2. Develop policies and procedures, along with culture and wellbeing initiatives
  3. Oversee recruitment and selection

Executive Administration

Jenny Corbett
Executive Assistant to the CEO
and Head of Commercial

What I do:

  1. Assist you with appointments with the CEO or Head of Commercial
  2. Assist you with enquiries for the President
  3. Assist with enquiries and travel arrangements for SLT.

Senior Administrative Assistant

What I do
  1. Support the Chief Commissioner and Head of Member Services with diary management, event / invitation coordination, administration.
  2. Prepare meeting papers, minutes and reports for the Members of the Chief’s Council.  Administration duties for the Members of Chief’s Council.
  3. Awards administration for HERC including nomination processing, through to planning and co-ordinating the awards ceremony.
  4.  Branch Operations Officer to approved various Branch volunteer documentation and applications

Member Services Team

Samantha Nicol
Membership Data Administrator

What I do:

  1. National Police Certificates and Working with Children Checks – new and renewal applications
  2. Administration of Youth and Adult applications
  3. MyScout Support for Groups

Lisa White

What I do: 

  1. Greet and welcome guests in person and on phone.
  2. Answer and direct enquiries to designated department.
  3. Provide group details for membership enquiries.

Rebekah Marshall
Leader Development Officer

What I do:

  1.  Support the Membership Strategy initiatives and coordinate the facilitation of workshops within Branch
  2. Administer and analyse the ‘BP Scouting’ Program
  3. Provide a primary contact for volunteer concerns and grievances

Ash Chandler
Training and Outdoor Adventure Support Officer

What I do:

  1.  Youth and Adult training including Leader training, VET qualifications, and issues with on-demand learning
  2.   Support with Outdoor Adventure and Branch Events
  3.  MyScout events and calendar, and management of the QStore

Property Operations

Grant Fergusson
Property Manager

What I do:

  1.  Manage the Associations freehold & leasehold property portfolio
  2.   Project Manager for any large hall upgrades or new halls
  3.  Liaise and negotiate with Councils and private owners of the Associations leased assets.

Taylor Smith
Facilities Officer

What I do:

  1. Assist with hall hire and inspections
  2. Assist with arranging trades persons & contractors
  3. Assist with the Property Strategy Working Group.

Finance Team

Tanya Afford
Corporate Finance Manager

What I do:

  1. Oversee and approve all payments to suppliers and F2s
  2. Preparation of monthly financial reports
  3. Preparation of budget and forecast.

Daniel Temple
Finance Manager – SRC

What I do:

  1. Oversee and manage all aspects of Scout Recycling Finance
  2. Prepare budgets/forecastgs and review financial reports
  3. Monitor, develop and implement financial procedures and internal controls to ensure the effective operations of SRC

Georgina Bence
Reporting and Compliance

What I do: 

  1.   Deliver financial reporting obligations for Scouts SA
  2.   Ensure Scouts SA complies with Australian accounting standards, GST, FBT and taxation laws applicable
  3.   Lead finance projects and drive process enhancement

Grace Fan
Corporate Accountant

What I do:

  1. Monthly reporting
  2. Provide support to Managers and Groups with any accounting questions they have
  3. Fixed Asset Register Maintenance

Sarah Lambert
Finance and Payroll Officer

What I do:

  1. Accounts Payable and Receivable
  2. Account Reconciliation
  3. Retail finance functions

Deepak Rajpal
Finance Officer

What I do:

  1.   Accounts payable – processing and paying invoices
  2.   Floats reimbursement & Bank Reconciliation
  3.   Assist in month-end, budget, management reporting and audits

Julie Hill
Finance Officer

What I do:

  1.   Process AP invoices and reimbursement requests
  2.   Prepare payment runs on a weekly basis.
  3.   Monitor and action the accounts inbox and respond to queries

ICT Team

Chris Wise
ICT Manager

What I Do:

  1. Oversee and manage ICT across businesses and scouting
  2. MyScout development and oversight
  3. Use and development of digital systems and solutions

Riddhi Patel

ICT Support Officer

What I do

  1. Support digital systems such as, Commbizz, Operoo, Microsoft365, MyScout
  2. Provide IT support for Scouts SA staff
  3. Assist with ICT Strategy plan projects

Marketing & Fundraising Team

Paul Williams
Marketing & Communications Manager

What I do:

  1. Advertising, media, websites and social media
  2. Brand integrity and branding approvals
  3. Lead marketing campaigns for Membership and Commercial Teams

Digital Marketing Specialist

What I do:

  1.   Setup and help maintain websites
  2.   Oversee and assist with Social media accounts
  3.   Assist with marketing Campaign for Membership and Commercial Teams

Tony Farrugia
Fundraising and Community Partnerships Coordinator

What I do: 

  1.  Research Fund Raising Opportunities
  2.   Search for Business Partners who make a “Good fit” with Scouts SA
  3.  Apply for grants that help reduce the expenses on Scouts SA

People, Culture and Capability Team

People, Culture and
Capability Coordinator

What I do: 

Viera Milo
Payroll Coordinator

What I do: 

  1. End to End Payroll for Scouts
  2. End to End Payroll for Scouts Commercial entities

Risk and Compliance 

Angela Marino
Governance and Administration Manager

What I do:

  1. Manage governance, risk and insurance across commercial and the membership
  2. Coordinate and support the Branch Executive Committee, Annual General Meeting and Risk Committee
  3. Assist in the promotion of business continuity planning across commercial and the membership

Nadine Breen
Insurance and Risk Advisor

What I do

  1.  Ensure Scouts SA have the best insurance cover available for our risks and activities
  2.  Collaborate with and provide advice to groups and staff on risk and insurance matters

Kylie Perry
WHS and Quality Assurance

What I do:

  1. Management of the work health and safety system for all business units
  2. Auditing of compliance to WHS at all recycling centres, retail stores, activity centres, camps and halls
  3. Documents controller in Skytrust

Mark Hage
WHS Coordinator – SRC

What I do:

  1. Oversee the safety at SRC sites
  2. Continually improve and update SOP (Safety Operations Procedures)
  3. Assist with Site Safety Audits and visits