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Branch Hike

Date:        7pm Friday 2nd to 4pm Sunday 4th September 2022
Location:  Woodhouse Activity Centre
Cost:        $25 per youth

This year’s hike will take place in the Adelaide Hills with Woodhouse being the Camping Location.

This event is aimed at OAS Stages 1-3 but all scouts can attend regardless of stage.

Please name your patrol after your favourite Angry Birds character and dress in that colour!

You can register your patrol in either the Advanced or Rookie Category.

Please note: Joeys and Cubs can only register in the Rookie Category.

All patrols must attend with a leader and are expected to self-cater for your patrol and your leader. You are restricted to Lightweight cooking only.


Rookie patrols will be hiking with Day Pack only and must have a leader hiking with them for indirect support. Advanced patrols will have to carry a full pack with ALL equipment including Tent, Sleeping Gear, Food and a cooking method ie. Trangia and fuel, Jetboil hike stove. You can share this load throughout your Patrol.


Radios will be supplied but each patrol is expected to carry ONLY ONE mobile phone (must be switched off) FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.


For more information please email Admin Team