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Risk Assessment

A risk assessment should be performed by those directly involved in the activity. Youth members should be part of the process rather than the assessment being purely adult-led.

Where a risk is identified, treatments need to be identified and implemented that will reduce either the likelihood of a risk event occurring, or the consequence should the risk event occur.

The risk assessment process includes:

  1. Identifying risks to the project (e.g. physical, financial)
  2. Identifying the likelihood and consequences of these risks occurring
  3. Assigning a likelihood and consequence rating to each risk
  4. Creating treatments necessary to manage these risks
  5. Re-evaluate the likelihood and consequence of this risk occurring after the treatments are applied

After the activity has taken place, review the risk assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments implemented to determine if they need adjusting, especially if an incident has occurred. The review will also capture any risks not previously considered.

If you have further queries please refer to your Group Leader or relevant Commissioner.

Refer to the page on Policies, Procedures and Safety Standards (Activity Standards) for more information on Scouts SA guidelines.



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