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Scouts Australia Mandatory Training

It is a Scouts Australia requirement that certain On Demand Learning modules be re-completed every two years. For modules relating to Child Protection and Work Health and Safety, in particular, the community reasonably expects that members maintain current knowledge of best practice.

For renewals you may be given the opportunity to complete a re-test at the beginning of the module and if you succeed, the module will unlock so you can review at your own pace before completing the end of module test. However, if the module has had significant changes or additions since you last completed it, a “re-test” option may not be available.

If you require support please contact the team at


How do I complete or renew my mandatory modules?

As an individual:

You can log on at any time that is convenient for you to complete the modules, the system will save your progress if you need to leave and return at a later date.

  1. Log into the Scouts Australia Training website (if this is your first time please scroll down for further instructions)
  2. Navigate to the Scouting Preliminary page
  3. Click on either module and start or choose to “Resit” the module
  4. Once complete, repeat step 2-3 with the remaining module if applicable

As a group session:

Anyone can organise a group session, it could look like:

  • A laptop in the kitchen during your next scout meeting
  • An online catch up with someone sharing their screen
  • Over a cup of tea before a scout meeting
  • Afternoon tea with your next closest group to support each other

Use the below sign in sheet to log attendance. Send the list to to have records manually updated.

Are you logging into training for the first time?

To access your training, go to the scouts training website

If this is your first time logging in:

  • Username: membership number XXXXXX
  • Password: DOB in the format dd/mm/yyyy

Once you have logged in you will find all the available online training that is available for you to complete.

If you are unable to login, please use the Lost Password link under the login screen to reset your password

As you will see in Fig 1 all training modules will mention if you have an update to complete, as you will see when specific training modules expire if they are required to be completed on a regular basis.

Fig 1.


As you can see in the example of Fig 1 the Valid Until date on WHS for Scouting and Child Safe Scouting is 12 February 2025, as these courses are required to be updated every two years.

Please check the dates that your training is due for renewal.

Communication comes out prior to the expiry date from Scouts Australia so also please ensure that you keep your details up to date with Scouts SA Branch each time you move, change email address etc.

Contact us for help:

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