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Microsoft365 and Scouts

Microsoft 365 is a communication and information sharing platform developed and supported by Microsoft.

Scouts SA is in the process of rolling out Office365 to members in order to support communication and information sharing across the organisation.

A few of the features included are:

  • Cloud based document storage for both individual and formation with the ability to sync any accessible information with PC, Mac and Mobile devices using OneDrive.
  • Online suite of Office software – Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint
  • Online text, voice and video communication – online meetings/conference calls using Microsoft Teams
  • Group/Shared calendars to assist with scheduling and booking of resources.

For more information on how to get started please contact


Office 365 offers a number of benefits across the organisation including:

  • A email for every adult (First Phase of the rollout is for Leaders and Committees)
  • Standardised contact emails for every Formation and Section across the state
  • A central address book accessible by all members to assist with communications with Leaders and Members across the state
  • 1Tb (1,024 Gb) of personal cloud storage for your Scouting information ? groups and members no longer need to pay for Dropbox or Google Drive, this is now provided for you.
  • Using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint (full implementation to follow in later Phase) Formations can store and share documents as well as communication via text, voice and video.
  • Reduced administration for groups ? no longer need to pay for and maintain your own email solution
References and How To Guides

Scouts SA Office 365 Instructions

Information to assist you setup your Office365 email address provided by Scouts SA

Roll out Plan

Stage 1 – Branch HQ (complete)

Stage 2 – GLs, Districts and Commissioners

Stage 3 – Activity and Program teams

Stage 4 – Groups (upon application), Rovers

User Guides

Setup Guides/Instructions for devices

iOS (Iphone/Ipad)

Mac Mail

Setting up shared mailbox (all Group and ‘position’ based emails – DC, BC, BL etc)