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This week’s challenges are under Creative.

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Patrol Challenge: Knot like that

This challenge is to use ropes to tie a contraption you could use on a camp. See examples below. As long as you can justify its use on a camp, you can build it. Breakfast served by catapult anyone?

Resources Required:

  • Ropes
  • Spars/Pioneering poles
  • Other useful items, eg. milk crates, buckets, etc.



Individual Challenge #1: All tied up

This challenge is to build or tie a device you can use around the house. Can you make your day easier with your device? Make sure you ask that it’s ok to use something first.

Resources Required:

  • String or rope
  • Household items eg. utensils, containers, pencils, etc.


Individual Challenge #2: Chain Reaction

This challenge is to build a Rube-Goldberg machine, a contraption which completes a simple task in a complicated way. See the example below. Make sure you ask that it’s ok to use something first.

Example video (link to YouTube video)


Resources Required:

  • As many objects as you would like


Individual Challenge #3: FORTification

This challenge is to design the world’s greatest blanket fort. What different items could you use and how could you use them? Think creatively, what decorations and functional additions can you add to your fort? After designing it, build your design of the world’s greatest fort!

Resources Required:

  • Pencil and paper or digital program for designing
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Chairs
  • Extras eg. lights, cupholders, anything you want to add


Individual Challenge #4: That’s Knot Art

A mandala is a spiritual symbol that is seen as a visual representation of the universe, or as a guide for several practices that take place in many Asian traditions. You are challenged to create a mandala out of rope or string and a range of different knots. The mandala of knots can be created as an ‘endless knot’. You may use twigs, branches or macrame metal rings to help you create your mandala hanging.

Check out the examples below, and for assistance with knot tying, check out: Animated Knots


Resources Required:

  • Rope or string
  • Twigs and branches (Optional based on your design)
  • Macrame Metal Ring (Optional based on your design)


Evidence Submission:

To enter the running for this week’s individual prize, a family pass to Woodhouse, upload a photo of you completing one or more of the individual challenges to the JotForm. Upload a photo of your patrol attempting the patrol challenge to go in the running for the patrol prize.

Submit your evidence here