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This week’s challenges are under Personal Growth


Patrol Challenge: Dance Dance Dancercise

Time to lift those knees and crunch those abs, but to music! This challenge is to run a Zumba, Jazzercise or Dancercise class as a patrol. Get into the spirit and dress in your best 80’s fashion.

We recommend these videos, or find your own:

Zumba –’

Dancercise –

True 80’s Jazzercise (starts at 3 mins in) –

Resources Required:

  • Speaker
  • Phone/Computer if using video

Individual Challenge #1: Sportsball

This challenge is to practise a sports skill. Kick a ball, hit a shuttlecock, go for a swim, or any other type of sports activity.

Resources Required:

  • Option of balls, racquets, nets, etc.


Individual Challenge #2: Hoop-la-do

This challenge is to see how many times in a row you can get a ball in a basket. You can use any size of ball and basket.

Resources Required:

  • Ball
  • Basket

Individual Challenge #3: Push Up Challenge

This challenge is to see how many push ups you can do in a day.

Resources Required:

  • Nil


Individual Challenge #4: And Breathe Out

Need some relax time? This challenge is to chill out and try some yoga or tai chi. We recommend the videos below, or find your own:

Yoga –

Tai Chi –

Resources Required:

  • Phone or computer for videos
  • Yoga mat (optional)


Evidence Submission:

To enter the running for this week’s individual prize, a basketball and a two player table-tennis set, upload a photo of you completing one or more of the individual challenges to the JotForm. Upload a photo of your patrol attempting the patrol challenge to go in the running for the patrol prize.

Submit your entries here 



Week 4 Submissions 

Congratulations to our week 4 winner – Mackenzie Clohessy from Port Augusta Joeys!



Check out the other wonderful individual and patrol challenge submissions below.