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Week 8’s challenges are under Creative.

Patrol Challenge: Sound the Alarm

This challenge is for each member to bring along something which makes an unusual sound. Everyone else has to guess what it is.

Resources Required:

  • Object which makes unusual sound


Individual Challenge #1: Modern Music

This challenge is to make the best sounding song or piece of music you can without using traditional instruments. Show someone else the song or record it.

Resources Required:

  • Household items


Individual Challenge #2: Auslan Challenge

Not everyone is able to communicate using verbal speech. Auslan is Australian Sign Language, the language of the Australian Deaf Community. It’s important for everyone to have a basic knowledge of Auslan. This challenge is to translate the below signs. The message will be revealed with next week’s challenges.

Resources Required:

  • The table below
  • Internet


Individual Challenge #3: Pitch Parody

This challenge is to create a parody to an existing song. Change the lyrics of the song to be something fun or something you like. Check out the example parody below.

Resources Required:

  • Access to songs
  • Pen and paper/Computer


Individual Challenge #4: Morse Code Madness

This challenge is to write a message with morse code and try and have someone else decipher it. Use the table below to write your message,

Resources Required:

  • Paper and pen/Computer
  • Table below

Evidence Submission:

To enter the running for this week’s individual prize, a large dry sack, upload a photo of you completing one or more of the individual challenges to the JotForm. Upload a photo of your patrol attempting the patrol challenge to go in the running for the patrol prize.


Week 6 Submissions

Congratulations to our week 6 winner – Emily Weir from Mt Lofty Scouts, Friday night!

Check out the other wonderful individual and patrol challenge submissions below.