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Transition from Old to New

A key task in moving youth members from the old program is the Transition to recognise their achievements already in Scouting.

The transition process is an important one, to ensure no Youth Member is disadvantaged in changing from their old program onto the new.

Resources on this page can be used to support that transition process, which is a once off, but important step in implementing the program within your Unit and Group.

Transition Process

Transition Process

The Transition process has been compiled into a document to assist in a step by step process

Access this process document here

If you have any queries at all please complete the form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will get back to you!

Order and Award Badges

Make it a special occasion, this is the only chance to make the most of it!

Transition Badges

Provided for free via this link:

Please ensure you put an order in per Section/Group (not individually!)

Badges earned on the Program

For Badges achieved after transition OR books order via this link:

Your Group will receive these orders via the Scout Outdoor Centre and will be charged for them on your Group Account.

Question about the Transition process

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