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Are you ready, for an exciting challenge initiative presented by Scouts SA for you and your Unit to take part in over the course of Term 1?

‘Ready, Set, Scout!’ has been put together to assist you during these uncertain covid times, when due to isolation or other impacts, either yourself or some of your Unit may not be able to attend a weekly meeting.

Designed to be run online, or face-to-face, it is up to you to choose, how you wish to participate, as we supply both Unit and individual challenges to assist you with supplementary activities to add to you patrols program.

Below you will find further information on the program and how it is designed to operate, and we look forward to seeing you and your Unit join in the fun and excitement of this initiative.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact the ‘Ready, Set, Scout!’ team at

so with all that said let’s…


How it will work!

    • Each Monday morning you will receive an email update with a short video presentation of the week’s challenges for both Patrols and Individuals, and a link to the Q-store.
    • Detailed information on the weekly challenges, which will consist of both patrol and individual activities will be made available on the Q-store at the same time as the communication is sent to ensure access and further information is available for those who choose to participate.
    • Members/Patrols will have until 8pm Sunday night of that week to complete the challenges and upload their results.
    • Youth Members will be encouraged to take photos of their attempted or completed challenges and upload back onto Q-store to go in a weekly individual prize draw.
    • A badge is being developed for participants of ‘Ready, Set, Scout!’.
    • Groups who attempt the patrol-based challenges regularly will also go into a draw for a prize at the completion of ‘Ready, Set, Scout!’


What are the Incentives?

To encourage participation in this challenge, we have put together the following initiatives for both patrols and individuals. There is no requirement to go in the running for these prizes, you can just do the challenges at any time at your own pace if you choose.

    • One youth member a week will receive the individual prize, with the prizes differing per week. The weekly prize will be announced at the same time as the challenges.
    • A Group prize of a $250 Exurbia voucher for a patrol which regularly completes the patrol challenges to a high standard.

To go in the running for these prizes, upload a photo of your completed or attempted challenge via the link on the Q-Store.

Use this page on the Q-store to find out more including a link to FAQs as they arise.