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Rovers, Adult Leaders and Other Supporters

A major branch event requires all hands on deck to give our youth members the best experience possible.

There are a number of differing ways and roles to support JamX, most are flexible and can be adapted to suit your circumstances.

Review the key positions available, and browse through other roles required to see what suits your interests.

Be sure to reach out to the contacts of the portfolio, or should you have further queries in relation to supporting JamX.

Registration Process

In most cases, there is a need to be confirmed by the relevant Team Leader prior to be accepted into a team role, Selecting a role upon MyScout registration does not guarantee appointment to the particular team.

Please review the information in the Role sections on this page, this will contain information relevant to registration process.

All Rovers, Leaders and Adult Supporters are required to be registered for the JamX event, refer to the Event Information Sheet for further information in relation to costs, conditions etc.


Rovers, Adult Leaders an Other Supports – Register Now!

Key Roles Still Required

Onsite Activities Coordinator