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This week’s challenges are under Personal Growth.

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Patrol Challenge: Back to Basics Baking

This challenge is to bake a cupcake for each patrol member using only camp kitchen supplies. How are you going to bake a cupcake? Be creative. You could also bake some cupcakes conventionally and compare.

Resources Required:

  • Pre-mix cupcake mix OR eggs, flour, milk, sugar, butter, flavouring, and a cupcake recipe e.g. Vanilla cupcakes
  • Mixing bowls and spoons
  • Camp kitchen equipment e.g. BBQ, Dutch oven, solar oven, or other equipment you usually take on a camp.


Individual Challenge #1: Recipe Rascal

This challenge is to make a meal, but you must use the following ingredients in it: cheese, an onion, and 2 pears. What dish can you make?

This dish contains all three ingredients.

Resources Required:

  • Cheese, an onion, and 2 pears
  • Other ingredients
  • Kitchen


Individual Challenge #2: Perfect Picnic

This challenge is to have a picnic in the open air or digitally. Bring your favourite food, and invite your friends, fellow scouts, or family along.

Resources Required:

  • Favourite food
  • Picnic location/Online meeting link
  • Picnic blanket
  • Friends/fellow scouts/family


Individual Challenge #3: Cupboard Cuisine

This challenge is to make a meal using the contents of your fridge and/or pantry. Take a photo of the contents of your fridge/pantry, and then send it to fellow scout members or family members. The people you send it to will need to respond with potential creative meals you can make using the contents. See how many unique or unusual suggestions you can get. Pick one of the suggestions and cook the meal!

Resources Required:

  • Fridge/Pantry contents
  • Kitchen

Individual Challenge #4: Cookie Decoration

This challenge is to decorate some cookies that relate to the idea of ‘Scouts’. Some ideas could be to make a campsite, the Scout Logo, or even to make a few badges! Enjoy your cookies afterwards.

Resources Required:

  • Premade Cookies (We suggest Arrowroot biscuits)
  • Icing/Icing pens
  • Cookie decorations e.g. Skittles, M&Ms, Snakes, Jubes, etc.


Evidence Submission:

To enter the running for this week’s individual prize, a $30 Exurbia voucher, upload a photo of you completing one or more of the individual challenges to the JotForm. Upload a photo of your patrol attempting the patrol challenge to go in the running for the patrol prize.

Submit your evidence here