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Welcome to our second edition of Scouting@Home which weve put into place now since were not able to meet face to face.

This email is going to all of our Leaders, Youth Members/Parents in order to help you continue your Scouting during our at home mode. We want you to keep Scouting – and more importantly share with your friends the great activities youre doing while at home!

Were encouraging your Unit to keep meeting at home during this time – this might take a little while to get going, so weve got a few ideas to start the ball rolling!

Visit to keep up to date with the new resources and ideas we will keep adding in.


Personal Growth Challenge for the week


  • Do you have a special skill or talent that you can teach someone?
  • Think about a skill you have. Choose something that youre confident in that you can teach others – a knot, a map reading skill, or how to juggle.
  • Gather the equipment and resources you need to teach your skill


  • In your Unit online meeting, or via a video or series of photographs, explain your skill.
  • Share with us so we can share with everyone in Scouting


  • Was your skill easy to teach?
  • Did everyone succeed?
  • If you did this again, what would you change or do differently?


Community Challenge – Flags and Flagpoles

Great to see lots of photos submitted from our Flags and Flagpoles challenge last week!


Are you ready for Jamboree on the Internet

This is a one-of-a-kind special edition of JOTI! It is a special version of our yearly JOTA-JOTI event that is still scheduled to take place in October as it does each year.

Both educational and fun, this special JOTI, in April, will bring fun and education to the homes of young people around the world during a challenging time. You can learn about safety measures, mental and physical health and digitally engage as global citizens through a range of different activities. The best part is, youll make new friends from around the world!

Head along to to register and find out more.


Unit Meetings and Sharing online

Weve seen some great stories of units running online – head along to our resource page to find out more about things to consider, different platforms being used and read some important tips and tricks for safety when Scouting online.

We’ve had some Groups share their experiences so far – and we’ll keep adding to them as we receive them so you can see what has been tried and give it a try yourself.



Thanks to everyone who has shared their ANZAC Day ideas so far.

Head along to to see what has been submitted so far – and keep sharing those ideas.

Dont forget to order your Their Service Our Heritage badges from the Scout Outdoor Centre –


Share the good news

We all need some positive stuff at present. Send your positive photos and captions to or share them on our Facebook page

An online investiture, an online craft activity, an online Section Council, an online camp or sleepover.
Lets also see stories of youth achievement and helping other people. Share some good news and make us all feel a bit better!


Outdoor Adventure Skills

The OAS Team is looking to gather how-to videos for each Outdoor Adventure Skill Activity Stream. We are looking for youth-led videos which explain a particular OAS skill, these will be shared for other less experienced youth members, to allow them to develop their own OAS skills.

Log your video via


Supporting Scouts

Looking to cash in on your cans and bottles?Looking for a spot of fresh air to take a walk in?Or after some after some

If so, don’t forget to visit our Scout Recycling Centre, Woodhouse and the Scout Outdoor Centre – all still operating and looking for support from you all.

Click on the logos below to visit their websites and find out more.