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Welcome to our first edition of Scouting from Home!

This email is going to all of our Leaders, Youth Members/Parents in order to help you continue your Scouting during our at home mode. For the foreseeable future well be operating like this – and we plan to send out this email weekly to keep you Scouting.

We want you to keep Scouting – and more importantly share with your friends the great activities youre doing while at home!

Were encouraging your Unit to keep meeting at home during this time – this might take a little while to get going, so weve got a few ideas to start the ball rolling!

We’re building all of our resources and information for accessing online as well – keep an eye on


Why cant we meet face to face?

As part of the Australian Government measures to ensure social distancing, a large range of activities and businesses have been closed down. Scouting is an activity that gathers people together, which is not a good thing right now!

But the great news is you can keep Scouting from Home!


How can we keep Scouting?

Can you do an investiture online?What about a Unit Council, an online camp or sleepover?We’d love to see your photos of how creative you can be!

In Patrols/Units

  • Organise a communication method suitable for all members (see some suggestions below)
  • Use this to discuss activities and share results as you complete them
  • Upload what youve achieved to the Scouts SA Facebook page

Going Solo?

  • Choose your journey! Use some of our activity suggestions or make up your own
  • Show us what youve done and share!


  • Consult with your youth.
  • Modify an activity if its too easy or too hard, remember individual achievement!

The National Youth Program team are working on a range of Scouting from Home resources as well – stay tuned and we’ll share these as they come out.

We’re also exploring virtual platforms within MyScout where your Patrol and Leaders and communicate and collaborate – more information coming soon on this.


Community Challenge for the week

Our Challenge for the week is to see your best designs for a flag and flagpole for your Scouting from Home.

Share your photos on our Facebook Page (for those in our Younger Sections get your parents to help out) – or email to and we’ll share them!

If you want a bit more of a challenge, why not try some of the following

  • When was the Australian Flag created?
  • Are there other versions of the Australian Flag and what are they for?
  • Find out a fun fact about the flag that you didn’t know

Have you got a challenge for us to issue to other Scouts?Email it in to us at


Units meeting and sharing online

  • Units meeting on Zoom ( Remember when setting up to ensure your privacy settings are maintained
  • Units with Facebook groups are sharing photos/videos of different activities and challenges they’ve completed
  • Whatsapp
  • Email – setup an email list – in MyScout your Leaders can broadcast emails to all members




ANZAC Day is coming up – what ideas do you have on commemorating this important National day.

Share them with us and well publish the ideas we receive so your Unit can consider these and put on something special. Email to


Peak Awards

We know that some youth members are worried about finishing their peak award before their coming birthday when they are due to link to the next Section.

Don’t worry! We’ve got this covered – check out our My Peak Award page online where you’ll be able to log your concern so we can assist! No youth member will be disadvantaged!

Visit to find out more