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Scouts SA provides the following updates for our members about the COVID-19 situation.

Current (as at 1 December)

Face to Face Scouting activities can resume from 1 December as long as the following considerations are included in your planning.

It is import that anyone attending activities, who has been asked to isolate or feels unwell, follow all directions of SA Health around isolating and testing, as always, continue to apply above any of our Scout communications issued.

  • Activities to be conducted outside of Scout Halls wherever possible (weather permitting) – i.e. a local park, outside area of your hall, beach whenever possible
  • Limit activities to no more than 2 hours
  • Ensure any activities are run adhering to COVID requirements:
    • No shared equipment, food or utensils (food can be provided as individual serves only)
    • Density of 1 person per 4 sq/m when indoors and 1 person per 2 sq/m when outdoors
    • Social distancing at 1.5 metres when not possible encourage the use of masks for persons over 12 years
    • Contact tracing records are to be kept and made available upon request (if possible use the approved QR code system)
    • Any members not feeling well or being instructed to isolate by SA Health or SA Police should not attend activities
  • Be aware of and respond accordingly based on alerts and announcements from SA Health

Overnight activities – please ensure that only members of the same household share a tent for any activities you are undertaking

Update as at 25 November

The following message from 16 November still applies in relation to face to face Scouting activities.

We are anticipating further updates from the SA Government for release of restrictions from 1 December. As soon as these are available we will update as appropriate.