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Venturer Scouts

The Venturer Scout Section focuses on individuals and small groups looking wide in adventures, projects and challenges. As Venturer Scouts, you are becoming increasingly aware of your interests and improving their skills, whilst maintaining a curiosity for new experiences all of which is nurtured and developed through the Venturer Scout program.



Venturer Unit Support

The Venturer Scout Section in South Australia supports Venturer Units in the state to develop their programs, share resources and provide support to Leaders in the Section.

Your Venturer Scout Unit will have a Program Support Leader (PSL) allocated to act as your first point of call for questions.

If your questions can’t be answered or you are unaware who your PSL is please contact the Branch Commissioner (Venturer Scouts)


Venturer Scout Program

The Venturer Scout Section conducts a number of activities – some are designed for youth participation, others are for adults in the section as a training, networking and support opportunity. View details on current section activities through the buttons to the right.



Venturer Section Contact

Contact the Venturer Section through the Branch Commissioner (Venturers) at

Venturer Scout References