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Paddling Training FAQ

Q How can I become a Trained Canoe or Kayak Leader?
A Refer to  Adventurous Scout Activities Activity Leader Training Flow chart For Canoe or Kayak
Q Does the Paddling Course cover everything on the flow chart?
A No, it only covers Common Core Level 1 basic training (Communication, Navigation, Maintain Temporary or Overnight Site) and the Canoe or Kayak Basic skill set (Demonstrate simple canoeing or kayak skills, perform deep water rescues, Apply canoeing or kayaking skills
Q What If I have already completed Common Core Level 1 basic training?
A You won’t need to do it again
Q If I have completed BOS (Basic Outdoor Skills) do I l need to do Level 1 Common Core?
A If you have completed all the BOS online learning, attended the BOS practical weekend and had your BOS workbook assessed and recorded on your MyScout record then completing the practical paddling training will complete the common core L1
Q Are there any E learning Modules?
A There are Level 1 Common Core modules and  Level 1 Canoeing/Kayaking to be completed on Scout Central under Training for Adventurous Activity Leaders
Q Is the course all Theory?
A No, there are few lectures and 6 simple workbooks to be completed, but most of the course is practical in boats and includes light weight camping (Learn by doing!)
Q Who can Apply?
A Venturers, Leaders, Rovers
Q How do I apply?
A Submit a completed A4 (Leader/Rover) or Y4 (Venturer) to
Q How much does the course Cost and how do I pay?
A $100/ Student by Direct Deposit into Account- Scouts SA Canoe Team -: (BSB / Account No.) 633-000 158299305
Q Will I receive a refund if I pay for but don’t attend the course?
A Non-attendance will incur an admin penalty of $30.00
Q Where will the course be held?

Day 1 – Adventurous Activities Centre, Anderson Ave Glenelg North Google map Activity Centre Day 1 begins at 8:30 am. Workshops will be held during the evening.

Day 2 – Garden Island Boat Ramp, Google Map Garden Island Boat Ramp

Second Weekend consists of an overnight journey starting for example at Blanchetown 8am Start

Q Do I have to know how to paddle and how fit do I have to be?
A It would help to have some paddling experience, but not essential.  The course isn’t overly strenuous, but you do have to be able to perform deep water rescues.
Q Do I have to be able to Swim?
A Candidates must demonstrate that they can swim 50 metres, fully clothed and wearing a PFD.
Q Do I have to have my own boat, paddle and PFD?
A No, you will use Scout equipment for the Training.
Q What do I bring to the course?
A Personal Medication, Pens, Pencils, (Laptop optional) Food – suitable for the activity. Clothing- Top with sleeves (no singlets exposing top portion of the arms are to be worn),Shorts / bathers, Hat (sun smart compliant, remember hats generally don’t float), Boating shoes (old sneakers or water shoes (recommended) NOT boots/waders/thongs/crocs), Other items may include – Sun Screen, Insect Repellent, Sun Glasses, Glasses retaining strap, Bag for wet Clothing, Towel, Sleeping gear. As well on the second weekend you will need to provide, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Cooking Equipment suitably packed in a canoe or kayak for an overnight journey.
Q Is it better to do Canoe or Kayak Training or both?
A If a leader of Joeys or Cubs, a Canoe qualification is more suitable but if you are a leader of Scouts or older, Canoe or Kayak is suitable.
Q Once I have completed the training weekend do, I need to do anything else? 

Yes – you need to submit all your workbooks for assessment.

It is highly recommended that when your workbooks are returned to you that you keep them in a safe place for future reference.  They may be required if you later wish to be recognised for VET units or further your training.

Leaders and Rovers need to organise and run a patrol paddling activity observed by a Paddling Team Leader appointed by the BC and seek endorsement in the skill set you have trained in via the completion of an AA4 form found on MyScout.

Q If I am trained in Canoe or Kayak do, I have attended another full training course in the other discipline?
A No, you will just have to do some additional training to become competent in the other discipline.
Q Once I have been endorsed as a Canoeing or Kayak Leader do, I have to do any further training?
A No, Unless the National Adventurous Activities Coordination (NAAC) Committee changes requirements or you want further qualifications (e.g. Guide or Instructor),
Q I did my kayaking and/or canoeing training as a Venturer.  Do I need to do anything else when I become a Rover and/or Leader?
A Yes – when you become a Rover or a Leader you will need to be endorsed.  Refer to “Does my endorsement (AA4) expire?” below
Q Does my endorsement (AA4) expire?
A Yes, an AA4 must be completed every 3 years. You will be required to keep an Adventurous Activity Log including your Canoeing and/ or Kayaking activities. You will be expected to undertake at least 20 hours per year for each craft type for endorsement.  You will also be required to demonstrate your Canoeing and /or Kayaking skills every 3 years. You will also be required to maintain your First Aid and maintain your Scout membership
Q When is the Next Canoe / Kayak Course?
A Check the Paddling page
Q  Is there a good Training Reference online
 A There are a number of training videos, Canoe Australia (Tasmania) has good videos