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Reckon One


It is a Scout Association requirement that the financials be audited annually. This can be done by anyone who has financial experience and who has not been involved in the recording process. A group should never pay to have their books audited. If you cannot find someone to audit, the Branch Finance Team is available to do this for you.



Over the past year or so, the Finance Team have been investigating accounting packages that would be easy to operate for Group/Section Treasurers but also give visibility of finances to head office. Much like the move to CommBiz, Operoo and Microsoft 365 it is beneficial for all groups/sections to operate on the one platform. To this end the package that has been selected is Reckon One. This package offers:

  • Over-arching Headquarters visibility
  • Each group can access their own accounts
  • Administration & Setup
  • User Roles
  • Create Payments & Track Receipts
  • Customisable Dashboard & Templates
  • Budgets
  • Reporting
  • Create Invoices & Bills
  • Enter & Pay Bills
  • Convert Estimate to Bills
  • Accept Credit, Debit & Paypal payments
  • Sales Approvals
  • Purchase Approvals
  • Service Dates on Invoices
  • Document Storage
  • Recurring Invoices


The total cost of the package currently is $165.00 per year which will be paid by Scout Head Office and on-billed to groups.

Currently there are 20 groups/districts/sections who have transitioned to the package for the 2022 year and there is the ability for others to join before 31 March if they choose and be billed pro-rata for the year.

If you wish to join the program in 2022, please email at your earliest convenience to be set up.

Training sessions will be run at HQ as required to assist with the learning process. You will also be provided with a Scout Specific Quick Start User Guide along with links to short 1 or 2 minute YouTube videos which take you through the various processes.

For groups who have difficulty attending HQ Training, I am more than happy to hold Teams Meetings to go through the process.